Neutral Baby Gear

When I first started our baby necessities wish list, I included all things gray, beige and wooden. What I did not include were any bulky, plastic or primary colored essentials…because, ewwww! This left our little bundle of boy with a crib, wooden rocking horse and sheepskin rug to play on. #spoiled.

Once the nitty-gritty of new motherhood set in and sleepiness took over, I quickly realized all that other “stuff” might actually be a Godsend. Best of all, there are neutral options out there. If you are anything like me and refuse to cross over to the primary colored dark side completely, these may be right up your alley!

Acrylic-Baby-Gym- The Land of Nod Wee Baby Gym in Acrylic is one of my favorite baby gyms on the market. It’s virtually invisible. Their wooden gyms are also totally adorable and IKEA has a wooden baby gym at a fraction of the cost (which happens to be the one I went with)! When comparing a price tag of $189 versus $29, it was a no-brainer!

Acyrlic playpen Speaking of Acrylic baby gear, have you seen this DLK Modern Playpen?  It’s amazing; apparently a lot of moms think so because even with the $689 price tag, this little gem is sold out.

foam tile mat I had the mental debate of foam tiles versus a cute rug for the playroom and decided on this newly neutralized foam playspot by Skip Hop. It’s holding up great and is a breeze to clean (inner clean freak satisfied). There are a few other patterns and neutral color sections to choose from, so definitely check them out if you are in the market for a fun play spot!

baby swing There are some really cute, modern baby bouncers and rockers on the market. One of my favorites is this LEVO baby rocker and coming in just behind it is the Baby Bjorn bouncer. Another mention-able is the Fisher Price Rock-n-play, which easily folds up and can be placed out of sight.

Three Pears Exercauser Exercausers are the bane of my existence (and apparently completely necessary if you want to shower or cook dinner ever again). Three Pears has introduced the most amazing play centre I have never seen in real life because it comes with a $650 price tag for just the base. And, it sure is a beautiful base!

swing We survived without an infant swing! Our son hated the 4moms mamRoo swing and I wasn’t about to grab a bulky upright swing that he may or may not like. His reward for sitting up will be this Etsy hanging swing that can hang indoors (with the right tools) or outdoors for some breezy fresh air.

Happy shopping, neutral loving mommas! 


Featured photo credit: Les Petits Gazette


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