DIY: Orb Chandelier

Many of you know that we purchased a fixer-upper after looking at just about every single home on the market in our area. And, I am convinced that God placed me in the real estate industry because no realtor in town would have wanted to work with me. The home we ultimately chose was livable and really just in need of cosmetic updates. So, we decided not to roll the updates into the loan and spread them out over the next bazillion years. It seemed like a great and responsible idea at the time.

So, this was the dining space we were working with on the day we moved in.


Right off the bat, I knew the light fixture would have to go and I wasn’t entirely sure what I wanted to replace it with. Perhaps a nice linen drum shade?  I literally bought a drum shade and tossed it over the existing fixture to see what it would look like.


It was better, and could still be improved upon. I really loved the look of orb chandeliers. Because $700 for this amazing orb chandelier wasn’t exactly in the ‘move-in budget’ and I wasn’t entirely sure the orb would be the way to go, I took to the D.I.Y. world for ideas.


The Fancy Yancey created this drool-worthy Restoration Hardware inspired Chandelier that is just plain fab!  I actually purchased wire and got fed up trying to make it work. #MovingOn. 


Whats Ur Home Story created this rustic and glam inspired chandelier. So, for take two, I found various metal orbs that I just couldn’t figure out how to get over our existing fixture without having to cut them apart and have someone weld them back together. #Boo.



Blooming in Bedlam made this great orb chandelier with embroidery hoops. I was pretty sold on that until I bought every size I could find and none of them would slide over my existing chandelier. #Fail.

At this point, my time and gas would have probably paid for that $700 chandelier that I really wanted to begin with. However, I was “totes determined” and came across a winner! Best of all, it only cost a whopping $10. I can’t get to the original page any longer and still want to credit Amy Krist for her inspiration (photo below supply list).

Your supply list:

  • Outdated Chandelier
  • Thread
  • Hula Hoops (Dollar store sells them for $1.00 each!)
  • Oil Rubbed Bronze Spray Paint
  • Dainty Light Bulbs



Step 1 – Spray paint hula hoops.

Step 2 – While you are waiting for your hoops to dry, remove the glass light bulb covers and replace bulbs with your new ones.

Step 3 – Using your thread and first hula hoop, center the hoop and attach to the top of your chandelier at the height that works best for your space and table.

Step 4 – Take your remaining hoops and position them inside of your main hoop. Play around with the shape until it looks symmetrical and round. Then, use your string to attach them at the top and bottom center.

And, here is my finished product!


I’ve loved this look as a super-simple and inexpensive upgrade… And, now I have my eye on this set for our entryway and dining space.

If I could just convince the hubs to let me replace our ceiling fan in the living room with an orb chandelier. #aGirlCanDream





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