Design Board: How-to

Living Room Design

Before buying our first home, we rented a cute house that had one main living area to furnish and decorate. Naturally, we were giddy over the idea of having two separate living spaces and a bonus room in our new house. Could this be what ‘adulting’ feels like? With the addition of all this extra space comes the challenge of budgeting for both updates and furnishings. We spread our existing furniture throughout each room as best we could and to be honest, it kind of worked.

Living in the home first has allowed us the opportunity to really get a feel for how we use each space and determine what changes we would like to incorporate. We have made a few minor adjustments since those original move-in photos were taken and now ‘we’ are getting serious about our design goals for our home. Husband currently thinking….we are!?

Where to begin? Well, I have a love for all things paint. Just look at how painting our kitchen cabinets  transformed the entire look and feel of the kitchen! And, I have been dying to see more revere pewter with a whole lot less beige and brown in our main living areas. Sneak peek alert! I am clearly feeling giddy over here in DIY land with what we have been up to these last few days…


So, what else in on the agenda you may ask? Well, I heard that Santa Clause would be coming to town and thought it might be time to break out my wish list. This also gives me plenty of time to incorporate and shop for good DIY finds like these. One of my favorite places to start shopping for ideas is Pinterest. I really like Houzz as well, but feel like Houzz is to Home Depot as Pinterest is to Lowes (did I do that right?). I just prefer one over the other; Pinterest and Lowes are my jam. Once I have a bazillion ideas saved, I like to come up with my own design board. Which usually looks like so:


Fancy, right!? Thankfully, a friend shared this thing called “technology” with me and I was able to one-up my lined notebook paper with this:


In addition, I really wanted my own design board with hand-picked items just for my space. Cue the heavens and check out Olioboard. It is Pinterest on crack for really creative people to personalize their very own 2D design boards. The site will give you the vendor name and price of each piece of furniture or decor you pull for your board. I recommend the save/print option to take as inspiration while out shopping for similar pieces as well. I become sooooo excited by all of the many things I find in Homegoods that having a visual list handy helps to keep me on track.

This is what I have dreamed up for our family room:


And, the adjoining living room (AKA DIY fireplace room):


In addition to dreaming up our new family room, I have also been dreaming up a new business…because a girl can dream, right? You might just see an Etsy shop coming soon with my name on it 😉



If you are enjoying my DIY inspiration, please consider ‘sharing’ your favorite tutorials!










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