Outdoor Elements

Has anyone else noticed a plethora of floral patterns and prints while wandering down your favorite home decor aisles?  Blooms are #trending and I have embraced this, bringing the cheery outdoors in with subtle pops of color.


One of the tricks I learned in home staging is how to bring outdoor elements and color into a space without breaking the bank. If you are like me, and enjoy having fresh greenery and blooms around your home, this may be your new go-to. Have company coming and you don’t have time to run out and grab a bouquet?  Well, today I am sharing the secret of how I make floral arrangements in under 10 minutes and without ever leaving home.


We have an abundance of greenery surrounding our pool and at certain times of the year, colorful weeds and blooms are mixed in. They all make excellent and artful arrangements. Sticks and chopped wood can also create works of art. Grab your shears, head outside and see what inspires you!

I fell victim to Home Goods merchandising and jumped on the floral bandwagon this week with new accent pillows in our living room. You know how it goes; you arrive in search of dog bowls and come home with new pillows, drapes and a basket for fire wood. Because it’s cold outside. And, all of the above will complete the look.

These pillows inspired me to bring a more tropical feel inside this week. I snipped a few green palms, flowers (or, maybe weeds?) and added a touch more green to fill out any empty spaces. So, there you have it! We will be #trending with outdoor elements in our home this weekend and trying to decide what to do with those pine walls. Pine is an outdoor element that I don’t care to see on my living room walls. White wash or paint, what do you think?


I’m loving blooms. What 2017 design trends are YOU loving right now?



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