One room: four ways

In design all things are possible. And, you really can have it all. What it comes down to is shopping smart and finding pieces that serve you in more than one way. When our sweet little baby boy came into the world, we gained more than we ever could have imagined. And, we also lost our home office/second guest bedroom. It was a fair trade off.


Our daybed was packed up and shipped to my parents home, and our home office was shoved into a corner of the bonus room where it sat as a complete eye sore until about 10 minutes ago. I knew that our space needed to serve our family in multiple ways; we really needed a home office and playroom. Because all. the. toys. And, I wanted to have our secondary guest room back.

So, how do you turn one room into a functioning play room-home office – guest bedroom – workout room? It’s quite simple, actually!

First up….the play room:


I really feel that all you need to accomplish a tidy play room are bins. Bins are your best friend and they hide EVERYTHING! We purchased two cube organizers and a couple packages of bins to store books, toys, stuffed animals, you name it! In addition, we added the foam floor tile mat, teepee, kids chair (thanks to my mom’s cool friends) and that is it. The goal for the play room was an area to corral all of the crap and a safe zone for our little one to play.

Second goal…the home office:


This is an area that I am still working on styling. We have a shelf to hang above the desk, a filing cabinet that is about to get a paint job/makeover and our printer is set up on one of our cube organizers. It all functions within the room nicely and allows me to work, Pinterest and Blog, while keeping a watchful eye on our little pumpkin. The full office reveal will be coming soon!



The guest bedroom:

As a creature of comfort, I really love having my own space when visiting friends or family and try to offer the same to our guests who are visiting. We already have a guest bedroom and bath, but often find ourselves needing additional sleeping space. While couch dwellers are most welcome, it annoys me a tad. I find myself lying in bed wondering if  the bed pillow I provided is being used or if my new Home Goods pillows are being drooled on. Am I the only one who has this irrational fear? Probably. I also don’t like to feel like I am imposing on my own living room if I’m up early in the morning. I recognize that this is a total “me” thing. And, that is why this second guest space was so important for my sanity. We can all sleep in heavenly peace now.

How did I easily create this look? It’s so simple! The chairs and ottoman can be pushed together to create a Twin XL bed. And, the table becomes an instant side table. We have sheets and blankets galore around here to make up the “bed” and plenty of accessories to make it feel homey. The foam play mat provides a cushy surface to place a queen size air mattress when needed for additional sleeping space and the room has a door for privacy. This is what I like to call a win-win-win-win-win.

Last but not least, the workout room:


If a foam mat in front of a TV isn’t the perfect little home workout station, I don’t know what is. And, our little butter ball is the perfect little workout buddy. If only I could convince myself to actually work out.

There you have it – One room – four ways!




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